The International Association of Maritime Security Professionals is the senior Maritime Security organization seeking to raise maritime security standards to the professional level. As part of this effort, IAMSP produces standards that are the result of a rigorous development process. This process includes the following:

  • Identification of the issues to be addressed through client, partner and member feedback,
  • Development of the standard through a core drafting committee,
  • Review of the standard by a broader technical committee,
  • Legal review of the standard by members of the Association who are members of the bar in good standing, and
  • A public comment period.

All our standards are subject to the IAMSP Quality Management structure. This structure requires a review of the standard every 12 months and, if necessary and as appropriate, for updates to be made.

Because our members contribute to the development of the standards (as they are able), they receive copies of the standards as part of their membership. As part of the efforts to make these standards more widely available, we have made them available through this store.

This site is currently in its roll-out phase. As a result, there will be new downloadable products Should you encounter any difficulties with the functions, please forward your proof of purchase from PayPal to either the President or Secretary of the Association. Contact information can be found at this website (http://iamsponline.org/about/executive/).

Please note that we have included links to common bookstores. This does not constitute an endorsement of any particular store. Any reference to “members” on those sites refers to members of store programs, not to the IAMSP.

Again, welcome to our store.